The ISA After School Drama Club is proud to invite you to their first devised musical: ROOFTOP
Because everything looks better from the rooftop. Or does it...?
A group of friends gathers at their usual hangout on top of an apartment building for one last time before they are off into the world. It is a night after their graduation and it`s their last chance to be kids, to see friends, to mend or end relationships and to air their grievances.
A musical, devised and performed by the participants built around a theme and well known songs!
Don`t miss it!!!

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April at 19:00 at the ISA Theatre

Katerina A.
Anya D.
Anna R.
Kostas K.
Ioanna K.
Vassiliki S.
Marco De F.
Marianna A.
Lado P.
Diego A.
Anna R.
Nansy S.
Alexandra C.
Ingrid R.
Emmi S.
Layla S.

Directed by: Anthony Burk
Piano: Eleni Stamboli
Guitar: Emilios R.
Poster designed by: Anna R.